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reversible process - any process by which a procedure could be designed to pass through precisely the same states in the reverse buy in the event the process is reversed

was most likely a relatively quick event. From Cambridge English Corpus   Transplanted rice undergoes two much more growth processes than does the straight seeded rice, nursery development and transplanting shock. From Cambridge English Corpus   These two processes have not been adequately represented by rice growth simulation designs. From Cambridge English Corpus   Although the (pseudo) 1st-buy kinetics can explain afterripening of purple rice, they in all probability reveal merely a synthesis of many element processes.

A toothlike process extending upward in the axis and about which the atlas rotates. Synonym: dens See: illustration

tuberosity, eminence, tubercle - a protuberance with a bone specifically for attachment of the muscle mass or ligament

The medially projecting process on the zygomatic bone that articulates With all the maxilla. It types the inferior lateral margin of orbit.

From Cambridge English Corpus   As a result, philosophical modernity assumes that human beings are simply a better sort of animal everyday living resulting from a slow evolutionary process

tail - the posterior A part of the human body of a vertebrate especially when elongated and increasing over and above the trunk or main Component of your body

b : a means (as being a summons) utilized to compel a defendant to look in court docket broadly : a method by which a court acquires or exercise routines jurisdiction above a person or property — see also mesne process — Review recognize, services Take note: In civil treatment, services of the summons over a defendant is taken into account constitutionally enough process, Despite the fact that generally a replica in the complaint ought to even be supplied based on the regional rule of treatment.

If a process requests indian visa anything for which it will have to hold out, It will probably be blocked. If the process is while in the blocked condition, it can be qualified for swapping to disk, but This really is clear in a Digital memory program, where locations of a process's memory could be actually on disk and never in major memory Anytime.

Any of a few pairs of bony processes on the best of the human body on the sphenoid bone, overhanging the perimeters of your sella turcica.

xiphoid process the pointed process of cartilage, supported by a core of bone, connected While using the decrease finish of your sternum; named also xiphoid.

Method commonly implies a proper or set purchase of undertaking a factor, a technique of conducting affairs: parliamentary method. Proceeding (commonly pl.) applies to what goes on or normally takes place on the supplied occasion or on the documents in the situation: Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Process-primarily based management, is usually a administration technique that views a business as a collection of processes

References in periodicals archive ? The process used at SSCC relies on two Main Thoughts: the collaborative improvement of and vigilant adherence for the "Faculty Priorities," and the worth given to the college council because it manages and oversees the funds process.

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