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A process extending transversely through the medial floor of your maxilla. Together with the corresponding process from one other side, it forms the major part of the tough palate.

was almost certainly a relatively rapid occasion. From Cambridge English Corpus   Transplanted rice undergoes two more growth processes than does the directly seeded rice, nursery growth and transplanting shock. From Cambridge English Corpus   Both of these processes haven't been sufficiently represented by rice expansion simulation types. From Cambridge English Corpus   Although the (pseudo) very first-order kinetics can explain afterripening of pink rice, they in all probability expose only a synthesis of a number of component processes.

cecal appendage, vermiform appendix, vermiform process, appendix - a vestigial process that extends through the lessen conclude in the cecum and that resembles a little pouch

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By the early sixties, Personal computer Manage program experienced evolved from monitor Command application, for instance IBSYS, to govt Management software. After some time, computer systems acquired more quickly while Laptop or computer time was nevertheless neither low-cost nor indian visa fully used; this sort of an ecosystem manufactured multiprogramming achievable and vital.

dealignment - a process whereby voters are moved towards nonpartisanship thus weakening the structure of political events

processing - preparing or Placing by way of a prescribed process; "the processing of freshly arrived immigrants"; "the processing of ore to get minerals"

larger cognitive process - cognitive processes that presuppose the availability of information and put it to implement

The functioning procedure holds most of the information about Lively processes in knowledge constructions referred to as process control blocks.

one. A pointed process from the temporal bone, projecting downward, also to which a number of the muscles with the tongue are attached.

b(1) : to topic to or manage by way of a longtime generally regime list of treatments process insurance plan statements

2. The process with the inferior nasal concha extending laterally and covering the orifice with the antrum.

temporal process the posterior blunt process on the zygomatic bone that articulates Together with the zygomatic process in the temporal bone to type the zygomatic arch.

The macroscopic equations final result from the process of averaging out, and should be distinctive in different situations.

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