process for Dummies

one : a constant Procedure, art, or system especially in manufacture whoever invents or discovers any new and practical process…may perhaps acquire a patent therefor — U.S. Code

pterygoid process possibly of the two processes with the sphenoid bone, descending through the points of junction of The good wings and the body from the bone, and every consisting of a lateral plus a medial plate.

Nevertheless, in multiprocessing units several processes could operate off of, or share, the same reentrant system at the identical locale in memory, but Each individual process is said to personal its own graphic of the program.

2a : to issue to a Particular process or treatment method (as in the midst of manufacture or film development)

These contain the very same structure as the rest of the choroid and secrete aqueous humor, which nourishes neighboring sections, the cornea, and lens.

acrosome - a process in the anterior stop of a sperm mobile that provides enzymes to facilitate penetration of the egg

fluoridate, fluoridise, fluoridize - subject matter to fluoridation; treat with fluoride; indian visa "fluoridized drinking water"; "fluoridize the enamel of youngsters"

To process foods or Uncooked supplies is to get ready, improve, or deal with them as Section of an industrial Procedure.

A small process within the outstanding border from the inferior concha that articulates with the uncinate process of your ethmoid.

process They are text generally utilized in combination with process. Click a collocation to find out more examples of it.

four. Law a. Using the legislation courts and other fora as a method of looking for redress: the adversarial process; owing process of regulation.

five. dentistry a series of operations that transform a wax sample, including that of the denture foundation, into a reliable denture foundation of An additional materials.

one. The process about the proximal stop with the ulna that types the anterior percentage of the semilunar notch.

Any subset from the assets, usually at the very least the processor state, could be connected to Each and every in the process' threads in working programs that aid threads or little one processes.

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